Matthew Veety

One problem with Plan 9 is booting your terminals over the internet.
It sucks and is for suckers usually. There are a couple options to
remedy it such as using cfs(4) or not using Plan 9 at all when you're
away from your filesystem. What I've come to do is make my laptops a
standalone terminal and copy what I'm working on at the time to the
machine, and when I come back, I do the opposite. The issue with
this, though, is if I'm going to be gone for a while I don't know what
files I need to take with me.

There are tools to do this already. mkfs(8) and replica(1) can do
this but both require some setup or are miserable to set up and use
effectively. mkfs(8), to me, looked like the best option so I wrote a
wrapper around it called sync(1) that takes some of the setup out of
it and lets you 'quickly' copy data to and from your local filesystem.

It should be noted that sync doesn't keep the operating systems in
sync, it only keeps the user's home directories in sync. It seems to
work pretty well though.

sync(1) script